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Kissing Gate – Haw Park Woods

Wakefield District Cycle Forum has now received the results of a formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman brought on its behalf by Dr Sandy Clark, a longstanding and respected member of the Forum, against Wakefield Metropolitan District Council.

Agbrigg to Walton Park Foot/Cycle Path

Wakefield District Cycle Forum (WDCF) have joined with Agbrigg and Belle Vue Community Association (ABVCA) to develop a project to construct a path between Agbrigg and Walton Colliery Nature Park (WCNP).

The aim of the project is to: –

To upgrade an existing unofficial path (see map) between Montague St in Agbrigg and Oakenshaw Lane at WCNP  with a hard, all-weather surface and to designate the path to ensure it is open for future public access. The path would connect Agbrigg with the extensive network of traffic-free paths from WCNP to the Trans Pennine Trail, through Crofton to Nostell and in the countryside between Nostell and Anglers Country Park.

In the longer term WDCF/ABVCA would seek to develop a Cycle Hub at the Community Centre from which guided rides and cycle events would be organised on an ongoing basis.

Historical Successes

Chevet Branch Line

The construction of the Chevet Branch Line bridleway was the biggest project undertaken by Wakefield District Cycle Forum (WDCF). At over 5 kilometres it was the longest of the ‘missing-links’ identified by WDCF as crucial to completing a comprehensive network of cycle paths in the district. Completed in December 2014, after nearly 2 years of work, the path extends from Wood Lane near Newmillerdam to Old Royston in Notton Parish.

Walton Colliery – Missing Link on WoW (Wonders of Wakefield) cycle route

Cyclists on the Wonders of Wakefield (WoW) cycle trail now take it for granted they can enjoy a traffic-free ride through Walton Colliery Nature Park (WCNP). But it was not always thus! 

Originally cycling from Crofton to WCNP required cyclist to negotiate the busy Shay Lane. It took a five-year campaign by Wakefield District Cycle Forum (WDCF) to open the new traffic-free route.  The new access resulted from the removal of palisade fencing under the railway line which borders WCNP and joined up two existing paths for cyclists and walkers.

Nostell Estate Cycle Paths

Nostell Estate, which lies to the south of the villages of Foulby and Nostell, is at the heart of the traffic free network of cycle routes that extends to Anglers Country Park and links with the Trans Pennine Trail to Walton in the north and Barnsley to the south and on to Newmillerdam in the west.

The map below illustrates the network of paths created by the completion of the Chevet Branch Line path (the longer of the red lines), over two years previously, and the new path in Nostell Estate (the shorter red line).

Opening Ride

Good turnout on the inaugral ride

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